First, let's get a bunch of good resources together here, for everybody, alright? Teachers, parents, casemanagers, and other parts of the IEP team are absolutely invited to take a look at the information below


Info about Deaf/Hard-of-hearing students

Some Basic Info

Information on Deaf signing students

Deaf culture, info on ASL and interpreters, etc

Information on oral deaf/hard-of-hearing students (who speak and listen)

Working on making the classroom a welcoming environment

Using an FM/HAT system?

Trouble-shooting and Information about FM/HAT systems

Student Lesson on listening situations (great for teachers)

How to make it easier to hear

Long Lesson on masks

Super useful for students, and for teachers

Mask options and explanations

Video about different masks

Link to the C-This Mask

How to use captions in Zoom

Enabling auto captions in Zoom

How to use captions in Spanish

Setting up auto captions that translate for you!


New Info Coming soon

ASL Version

English Version with Captions

Below is a survey for those involved in the education of a Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing, DeafBlind, or Deaf Plus student. It should only take a little bit of time, and it would help me to become a better teacher and a better support for you, and could help other Teachers of the Deaf to provide more tailored  support for the other members of the IEP team, which would be a benefit to our students.

Survey is here