First, here are some resources and worksheets that focus on hearing, hearing loss, the ear, and self-awareness regarding a child's level of audio input, and how the specific kid interacts with sound. Click the box below to head to those worksheets and info.

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Hearing Aids
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Worksheets: Traditional or Slimline

How to do an ELFLING assessment (Early Listening Function LING):

  1) Download the protocol (pdf) here

  2) Download the testing form (pdf) here

  3) Mark out a testing area (Start, 1 ft, 3ft, 6ft, 10ft and 15ft  

     (I use a braided rope with a loop at one end, and knots marking where the distances are. this lets me do the assessment for various kiddos without having to do chalk marks over and over). Pay no attention to the service dog.

  4) Follow the protocols, but I try to make sure that you test the kiddo

    * more than once
    * using the LING sounds in different order

    * With the FM, with aids alone, with no aids (if possible).

  5) Video here (soon)

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Assessments that parents/teachers/students fill out can be found here:

  *  SIFTER (Screening Instrument For Targeting Educational Risk) - elementary (pdf)

  *  SIFTER - secondary (pdf)

  *  LIFE (Listening Inventory for Education) (pdf

    (this is the "before" but do this assessment before tech or in a new classroom, and then once the student has become accustomed)

  *  CHILD (Children's Home Inventory for Listening Difficulties) - (pdf)

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