This is probably the first time you are teaching students with these kinds of needs in a virtual classroom. It is certainly new for me, as well.

Here's how I'm hoping to help.

Step 1: Survey
Step 2: Video
Step 3: Video 2
Step 4: Survey #2


First, please take the 3 question multiple choice survey here, regarding students with hearing loss  in a CDL environment:

Survey 1

Now, here's the video for teachers. If you want to skip the parts with me just talking, download the Powerpoint here and just watch. Otherwise, here's some info on DHH students and CDL environments.

Video 1: Teachers

The link mentioned in the video re: captioning is to Described and Captioned Media

Here's the video on student advocacy that I've made up and sent to the students, and that we are working through. Here's the Powerpoint for that one.

Video 2:

Survey 2

There is more general information for you on the tab to the left that says Lessons for General Ed teachers, but that is mostly for a face-to-face reality.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me through email (or through the casemanager) if you have any questions at all.


Zoom captioning problem? Video below.