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5 Signs Per Week Series (ongoing)

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5 Signs Per Week Series (ongoing)

Review Video Week 4

Review Video Week 5

Review Video Week 6

Review Video Week 7

Review Video Week 8

 Review Video Week 9

Review Video Week 10

Review Video Week 11

Review Video Week 12

Review Video Week 13



Numbers 1-20


EW Specific Signs

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


Deaf Culture Resources

The Deaf Culture page on this website (click here)


ASL Lessons and Info (External)

E Learning For Deaf Kids

This website offers lessons in ASL on various topics for every grade. Take a look at the Life-Skills and Science's pretty cool.

National Deaf Education Center

Resources for Early Childhood/Elementary/Middle/High School students (and some college-level stuff) as well as resources for families.

Motion Light ASL Literacy

Activities, videos, storybook apps